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Love… and friends

mardi, septembre 30th, 2008

This scene took place at Place de Clichy, next to the red zone of Montmartre. This couple was waiting for the start of a movie session in front of a theater. Their passionate kiss came as a perfect illustration of the poster glued on the ticket boot whose title translates to « My loves, my friends ». This even led me to wonder if the person standing patiently in the entrance was one of them…


Leica M8 and 35mm Summicron

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Girl of Flea market

lundi, septembre 29th, 2008

Sundays are great to wander through the Marché des Puces (flea market) in Saint-Ouen looking for some ancient marvels. Strangely, the busiest street is a big chaos of shoes, mobile phone, jeans and CD stands vibrating at the rythm of Hip Hop music. Right in the middle of that street stood this girl, seemingly lost in some far away dreams.


Taken with Leica M8, 35mm Summicron

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Slideshow : Saturday Mornings around Parc Monceau

dimanche, septembre 28th, 2008

Parc Monceau and the surrounding areas is usually not very well-know from people visiting Paris. This small parc mixes statues and monuments reminiscient of ancient times with wonderful trees, flowers and ponds. It is one of the favorite places of Parisian living in the 8th and 17th arrondissements to come for a picnic or afternoon rest. This set of images try to render the atmosphere of the parc in these wonderful end of Summer days. (click on image to view)


Taken with Leica M8, 35mm Summicron IV and 90mm Elmar

At the market, Paella man

samedi, septembre 27th, 2008

Every Saturday morning, a biological market takes place on the Boulevard des Batignolles, close to Montmartre. Many great characters can be seen such as this typical Frenchman selling its … Paella.


Taken with Leica M8, 35mm Summicron IV, ISO160

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The exhausted tourists

mardi, septembre 23rd, 2008

Paris can be very tiring after a long day wandering through the streets. These two tourists where taken between two underground stations on Les Champs-Elysées. Probably missed their stop and woke up at the terminus in La Défense …


Taken with RD1, 35mm Summicron F2, ISO1600

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The Invalides Dog

lundi, septembre 22nd, 2008

This huge Dalmatian was wandering though the park on last Sunday. His big red eyes gave the feeling of a long life full of misery which matched  the suffering of thousands of French soldiers over the centuries inside the Invalides monument behind.


Taken with RD1, 50mm J3, ISO200

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Trodacero Girl

vendredi, septembre 19th, 2008

This shot was taken at the Trocadero last Sunday facing the Eiffel Tower (whose reflections can be seen in the windows). A little boy is crying and taking all of the dog’s attention while the girl laughs tenderly at that little drama full of tears.


Taken with RD1, CV28mm Ultron, ISO200

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The Défense Lovers

mercredi, septembre 10th, 2008

Tonight was the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Défense neighbourhood in Paris where all the high risechbuildings are located as well as the giant Arch (which is bigger than the Arch of Triumph). While thousands were heading back from a firework display, this couple was sitting a few blocks away in a flurry of perspectives.


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Taken with RD1, CV28mm Ultron, ISO1600, F2.8

Adopt me

dimanche, septembre 7th, 2008

In front of the Hotel de Ville building, this girl was holding a sign with the mention « Adopt me ». Any candidates ?

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Taken with RD1, CV28mm 1.9, ISO200, F2

Limousine driving down Les Champs-Elysées

samedi, septembre 6th, 2008

A white Limousing was just heading down Les Champs-Elysées when it had to stop at the red light. The window opened and I could only hear girls laughing. Looks like a Hell of a party was going on in that car ! Did not get in but got a kiss !

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 Taken with R-D1 and CV28mm 1.9 ISO1600 F2.0