Invisible nudity

At the flea market, you will encounter many dummies so after a few hours wandering, you might start to mix them up with human beings. Obviously, it was not the case of this man. He was politely ignoring her, leaving her in her endless perplex look.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 35mm Summicron, ISO640

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3 Responses to “Invisible nudity”

  1. Martin dit :

    Hey I like the new ones, but I always wonder – do you shoot that often or do you just spread the shots over more posts?

  2. admin dit :

    Hello Martin,

    If I don’t travel, usually I shoot 2-4 days a week. Most of the entries concern pictures taken the same week yet as I try to vary subjects and locations sometimes I post older pictures. Sometimes I just don’t like what I have shot during a given day so I also prefer to post something I like from before.