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Restaurant : Barrio Latino

mardi, janvier 27th, 2009

The Barrio Latino, one block away from La Bastille, is the Temple of Latin music in Paris. It serves food, mainly a mix of Cuban and Tex-Mex but music is what they are best at. The site is impressive; a large dancefloor leads to the majestuous stairway that in turn leads to the three floors restaurant whose design is almost reminiscient of an old amphiteater. Many tables have a view overlooking the dancefloor that is always crowed by the many couples engaged in curly figures. If you are a beginner, paid courses are offered early in the evenings and if you are a salsa journeyman, you will always find someone to share a dance. Just like this girl last night, awaiting for the next partner on the stairway.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Epson R-D1 with CV28mm Ultron M at F2, ISO1600

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