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Sound Slides : Strike and Riots

jeudi, janvier 29th, 2009

A general strike took place today in France. In Paris, several hundred thousands walked from La Bastille to the Opera to force the government to stop public  jobs cuts and the numerous reforms underway. This comes as a direct consequence of the economic crisis that is starting to hurt badly the middle class.  As the crowd started to break up, several thousands wanted to march on to La Madeleine and maybe on to the President’s Palace. The CRS (anti-riot forces) quickly stepped in and blocked the way. This caused the riots to start.

This slideshow is not a propaganda for one side or the other. The demostrators had their belief, the anti-riot forces did what they were told to without major injuries. It’s just a shame that French people ended up fighting each other when they should unite to face these difficult times.

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Leica M8 with mainly 50mm Summicron and 28mm Ultron M, all at F2, ISO640-1250