Bir Hakeim Bridge

The Bir Hakeim Bridge is one of the remarkable view point of Paris. As it can be passed through by boat, car, foot or metro, the combinations of path between passengers and walker bys are endless.       (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 85Mm Jupiter 9, ISO160

2 Responses to “Bir Hakeim Bridge”

  1. felix spencer dit :

    Nice shot, Iam thinking of getting myself a jupiter-9 seems like a great lens, very good crisp detail.

    Isn’t this the bridge fron ‘Inception’?

  2. admin dit :

    The Jupiter-9 is great for portraits wide-open and sharp stopped down. Also it is pretty light for a F2 lens. Only issue is that they tend to have the focus off so make sure you get a good sample.

    As for the bridge, it is indeed the one fro Inception.