The Sixth Dimension

A woman standing on a high wall in contemplation of an enormous gate. Was she to jump into the sixth dimension or enjoying great views over the Seine River ?     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 85mm Jupiter 9, ISO160

3 Responses to “The Sixth Dimension”

  1. Robert dit :

    Stop, it man, you are killing me. This is so good it hurts! « Street Photography in Paris » is weak. My lame French has « Les Petite Mort du Paris » as a more appropriate name for this stuff.

  2. admin dit :

    « Les petites morts de Paris » … good idea … a bit gruesome though no ? ;) I have been thinking of re-organizing the categories of the blog. Instead of going by neighbourhood, it would be by theme. One could definitely be on this topic of death and mystic around it. What do you think > ;)

  3. Robert dit :

    I can eat & travel in French, everything else is pretty dodgy. So, I was thinking a creamy sensual quality describes your Parisian photography (in my mind anyways). The erotic « la petite mort » could apply to and not gruesome at all, if I understand the meaning of « la petite mort ».

    The organization of the postings? I think they are fine the way they are. By subject? When I’m looking at blogs especially this one, I don’t digest it all at once, your overall theme is too general. Therefore I visit often & poke around, and am always pleasantly surprised.

    I really enjoy your photos & your trademark post-processing.