Sound Slideshow : Albert Kahn’s Garden

Albert Kahn was a banker that dedicated his fortune to photograph in color the world in the first three decades of last century. His ultimate goal was to build an archive were all of the people of the world would be documented. He also created a wonderful garden close to the Boulogne Woods that is probably one of the most beautiful in Paris. As he went bankrupt in the Great Depression, the city of Boulogne bought his property. His huge archive is now part of the museum that borders the Gardens. The slide-show will bring you in this magnificent park where kids, couples or lonesome wanderers all enjoy this little haven within the city.

Click here or on picture to launch slide-show.


Leica M8 with mainly 35mm Lux Asph and 75mm Summarit.

4 Responses to “Sound Slideshow : Albert Kahn’s Garden”

  1. Beautiful images and the garden is very dream-like with the children running around and everything. Nice music too, but the only problem with the slideshow, I think is the zooming of the images.

  2. Christian dit :

    Beaucoup de poésie

  3. admin dit :

    thanks, I understand the comment about the zoom. I spent a long time pondering whether to leave or not, like most of my slideshows. I wish the software allowed for a smother zoom.