Underground carpenter

Luckily, the metro train driver never had to break in urgency during this route. This carpenter would obviously have woke up on the floor as he mixed up the wooden and iron posts.   (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 75mm Summarit at F4, ISO640

4 Responses to “Underground carpenter”

  1. Hello Yanidel, thank you so much for sharing your photos of everyday life of the city of lights. I enjoy the style of your photos very much and appreciate the EXIF data and location information (via Google maps)!

  2. admin dit :

    Hello Carsten,
    Thanks and glad you enjoy the EXIF. I have stopped posting location information on the latest pictures as it took too much time to do it. Also many locations did not have any importance to the picture so I stopped doing it. Nevertheless, I’ll try to always give a clear indication of where it was taken when surroundings can be seen.

  3. SP dit :

    Hi Yanidel
    Thanks for dropping by my site and for linking back, really glad you enjoyed it. More stunning photographs again this week – think we’ve been both hanging around the Paris underground too much this Sunday though – my latest post was probably taken at around the time you posted this up! Cheers SP