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Countryside series I : Abandoned pets

lundi, juillet 6th, 2009

Like many Western Europe countries, France has a lot of pets per inhabitants. So when summer holidays come, thousands are shamelessly abandoned as their owners do not want to take them along. This scene in Bras d’Asse (Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence) reminded me of that fact as the dog stood stoically next to a washing machine ready to be thrown away.  Luckily, in this case, the dog was part of the trip.     (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M8 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, ISO160

Street Photography in the Countryside

lundi, juillet 6th, 2009

As July arrives, the first of two waves of Parisians leave the city to head towards the provinces for vacations. I was one of them last week for a week vacation in Southern France. During the long drive, I definitely had time to reflect on the topic of street photography in the country side.

To me the main components of street photography are a human setting, a human presence (or hint of presence) that are linked through a story or a feeling.  Therefore, even if street photography might have a urban connotation, it can certainly be performed in the country side, with of course, a few differences :

1) patience,  a farm community main street is definitely not as busy as Les Champs-Elysées.

 2) it is definitely a challenge to take candid shots when there are only two people in a street. 

3) in Paris, someone with a camera is a tourist and clueless. In a village, photographers only come for the national newspaper. They expect to be in the front cover the next day

4) there are a lot of old women taking their dogs for a walk. Shot variety might especially suffer in villages of <100 people.

5) animals do not count as humans, look for other shots and read point #1 again.

6) having  your companion pause as a stranger in a selected spot does not count, read point #1 again.

Jokes apart and to match the vacations period, I will start tonight a two weeks series on the topic of Street Photography in the Countryside. Hope you will enjoy the vision of a Parisian in the country side.