Around the World : Capone’s Chicago

(Second slideshow of Chicago Series)

As a kid, Chicago only meant one thing : the city of Al Capone and his gangsters. Probably influenced by the many Hollywood movies showcasing Al Capone and the Prohibition years. Luckily, Chicago is now a modern and pretty safe city even though when one goes out at night, he might suddenly feel like he were back in the atmosphere of the 20’s. This slideshow is the result of my errances in the dark side streets and misty nights of Chicago, looking for Al.  Click here or on picture to launch slideshow.


6 Responses to “Around the World : Capone’s Chicago”

  1. dishio dit :

    Beau travail sur ce slideshow une fois de plus. J’aime même la musique!

  2. Adrien dit :

    Une série absolument magnifique !
    J’ai d’autant plus envie de découvrir la ville.

  3. Thomas dit :

    I’m still in love with your work… beautiful pics as always… Great slideshows of Chicago !
    A small (no big) hommage to Willy Ronis, a social/street photographer

    Take care


  4. admin dit :

    Willy Ronis, one of the greats. Probably the most « Humanist » of all. I own a book where his pictures are explained with a detailed text. Very interesting and much to learn from him, not only about pictures but also the way he saw society and life.

  5. bristo dit :

    la serie a t elle ete realise au 35 Lux sur le M8??

  6. admin dit :

    Merci, les photos de nuit ont été réalisées avec le 35 Lux, pour les autres c’est principalement du 24mm Elmarit et 60mm Hexanon.