Honey, guess what …

« I just picked up your new lamp. Great no ? No kidding, you are going to cook ‘ Lapin à la moutarde’ for lunch ?!!!  Great honey, be home in a few minutes. »

Of course, this speech is made up but the expression of this man made me think of these 60’s French movies with famous humorists Bourvil and De Funès. The scripts were probably less sophisticated than most of today’s movies, but they were great at representing the every day life of a normal French citizen.


Leica M8 with 28mm Summicron at F2.8, 1/250, ISO160

4 Responses to “Honey, guess what …”

  1. Christian dit :

    Et maintenant, un M9 en vue?

  2. neme dit :

    Looking for M8 samples I’ve found your photo blog and…I’ll stay here forever – added to my favorites ;)
    Your pictures are so natural, so dynamic – colors, composition and so on – for me – perfect in every detail.
    Street photography is something that I mostly prefer and wondering if I ever have this kind of flair to find a right moment to shoot…!
    So good luck and waiting for M9 samples ;)

  3. admin dit :

    M9 will probably be in my hand by the hand of the month, well I hope ;)

    To me street is the most difficult kind of photography as you do not control the subject but only your positioning and angle choices. A lot depends on observation, here is a series of three videos I greatly recommend on the topic :
    So have a look and go out on the street ;)