A Day against Misery

As they wait for the signal to let the balloons fly away at the Day against Misery charity, a man and a woman stand stoically in the wind. Others did not resist the wind.   (click on picture to enlarge)




Leica M8 with 35mm Summilux Asph, ISO160

4 Responses to “A Day against Misery”

  1. Komm dit :

    Incroyable la dernière photo! Je regarde chaque jour votre blog, c’est toujours aussi superbe, bravo!

  2. maritaBliss dit :

    Love the last one ♥

  3. ongoaler dit :

    I love the last photo as well! i got to your blog while searching for photos of snowy scenes, but ended up finding your photos of beautiful women in paris. I’ve worked with a photographer who takes street photos like you in seoul, so i appreciate your work and enthusiasm for capturing those decisive moments on the street! keep up your good work with great pics!

  4. admin dit :

    thanks, and do not hesitate to post a link to the photographer in Seoul. It is always great to see how people envision their city !