Last minute Christmas Shopping

Boulevard Haussmann where the main shopping centers lay is the place you don’t want to be the day before Christmas. Especially when you are late on your Christmas shopping. You will have to cross jammed streets, go against the flow of shoppers to finally enter the shopping « Nirvana »; the Galerie Lafayette and their famous monumental Christmas tree. (click on picture to enlarge)



All pictures with Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux at F1.4,  ISO640

5 Responses to “Last minute Christmas Shopping”

  1. Loulou dit :

    … or « last minute panic »… glups!

    Beautiful christmas tree indeed, and glamourous and very chic Chanel booth… very parisian, enjoybale especially when far away!

    Enjoy the break, take care
    See you next year

  2. Ove dit :

    Ha ha, it’s Christmas so I guess it’s okay to selectively only leave red colours. Merry Christmas from Sweden.

  3. admin dit :

    Merry Christmas too! (from the land of Red) ;)

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