Have you seen Esther ?

Seems that this freaky little girl is all over Paris. Wander through the hallways of the underground, and suddenly her scary face will appear, a bus and here she is looking at you, … almost feels like she is after us.  (click on pictures to enlarge)




Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit and 60mm Hexanon.

3 Responses to “Have you seen Esther ?”

  1. christian dit :

    Excellent! (le DP2 est au panier?)

  2. admin dit :

    Le DP2 est toujours là ;) , mais il me sert surtout dans mes voyages, donc peu de photos en relation avec Paris.

  3. dimitri_c dit :

    Hello –

    Nice series…
    Hmmm. Yeah… I think I saw Hester behind you, of few secondes ago.

    – Dimitri