Oysters to start a new decade

Obviously, the busiest merchants today were the ones selling Champagne, Foie gras and oysters. Especially for the oyster merchant as an apprentice had to be trained in urgency to open help opening them. Oysters are a weird delicatessen for the foreign novice, but a way for many to celebrate the last dinner of the decade.

Wish you all a Happy New Year !


Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron IV at F2, 1/125, ISO200

5 Responses to “Oysters to start a new decade”

  1. Chris dit :

    Merci et très heureuse année 2010 à vous et continuez encore longtemps de nous enchanter avec vos magnifiques photos.

  2. theone_zhang dit :

    Awesome pics!

    I really admire your color style,and your leica equipment^_^
    May I learn from you?
    Can you share your lightroom preset?
    Thanks, happy new year !

    A Chinese shutterbug

  3. admin dit :

    Merci and thanks !!

    Concerning the processing of the picture, please refer to that link where some hints are given : http://blog.yanidel.com/2009/06/09/topless-over-the-seine-river/
    I don’t share the full preset as I believe it is a part of each of us personal approach. ;)

    Happy New Year again !

  4. clarel dit :

    Happy New Year!! Wishing you loads of good light and good subjects to create the usual amazing photos!