In the wee small hours of the morning …

… while the whole world is fast asleep.


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/1000, ISO160

4 Responses to “In the wee small hours of the morning …”

  1. Jose dit :

    … time also appears to be asleep !!! Thanks!

  2. Fred Rio dit :

    … so who took the picture?? You must have been coming back home from a night out, because there is no way you woke up early!

    Great shot.


  3. admin dit :

    yes, I did wake up early for once … not like weekdays ;)

  4. Thomas dit :

    I think the man walking along ties the whole composition together. Yes getting up early you get one man, later and you have a bunch of tourists and a weaker photo.