Election Day – blues vs reds

Tomorrow is election day as France renews their regional governments. Politics in France is easy : when the blues say black, the reds say white. When the reds say black, then the blues say white. Political parties leaders are only interested in taking power, so blues and reds never work together. Meanwhile groups of red or blue activists travel the streets, with the ingenuousness of those that believe that they can alter the unshakeable order of things.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F2.8, 1/250, ISO160

5 Responses to “Election Day – blues vs reds”

  1. Thomas dit :

    Blues and Reds, not getting along? Intriguing.

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  3. Anonyme dit :

    As a french I am really astonished by your commentaries … how can you see france as having a two party system ? This is not America, we don’t have just blues and reds … third parties are numerous and they do matter in our country, and they all have différent ideas … how would you explain that some blue ( ump) did not work with some other blue ( FN) ??? way too simple sorry your giving a totally distorted idea of our system ( and we don’t have regional « governments » ,we are one country with one government no federal or state stuff here… )

  4. admin dit :

    Thanks for voicing your opinion. After 5 years of listening daily to France info, I came to the conclusion that France is gauche vs droite. Other parties ar satellites. There is no capacity of consensual government, but a bi-polar system where each fight to preserve his interest.
    And remember that you do have regions and municipalities who’s representants are elected by the people following the same left right logics.
    Thanks again for your input ;)