Women love uniforms

Uniforms do not seem to take away one’s shyness. (click on picture to enlarge)

Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F5.6, 1/350, ISO160  (cropped)

4 Responses to “Women love uniforms”

  1. robert dit :

    A fresh splash of paint on the doors & trim every 100 years is in order ;)

  2. Joerg dit :

    I love wide angle lenses such as my voigtlander 24 and 21 LTM. But very often I find it quite hard to work with collapsing lines.

    Did you consider to correct this in ps?


  3. admin dit :

    Hi Jörg,

    You are right, this is my main issue with wide angles. A small tilt of the camera and the lines collapse. I find it bothering up to 28mm lenses, by 35mm, the phenomena still happens but is much less visible.

    As for this shot, I had the 24mm lens on and did not want to lose the scene even if the 75mm would have been the best choice.
    Imagine the original shot has a 4 stories building + sky on top of the restaurant (portrait orientation) so I cropped it heavily (which I usually don’t do). I guess it shows why 18mpx are sometimes useful as roughly I kept only 1/4th of the original picture.

    I don’t use ps, only Lightroom. Yet I agree that this shot would benefit from lines correction.