Street photography spots III : Rue de Rivoli


Probably my favorite spot in Paris for Winogrand style of street photography. First, start at Place de la Concorde and walk eastbound under the arches that lead to the Louvres Palace. Plenty of shot opportunities as street vendors, palace valets and coffee terraces will mix with the arches and sights over the Tuileries garden. Don’t let you get too absorbed under the arches, but slalom around the columns as great shots might also happen on the outside. Once past the Louvres palace, you will enter the second section of the street where you will face a frenzy of shoppers. I love that spot as there is always people around you on a somewhat tight sidewalk. Add to than the ad signs, shops, noise, cars and some landmark monuments and you’ll almost get New York City’s 6th avenue kind of shooting. So just stand at a crossroad for a few minutes and let scenes unfold around you.


Pictures type   : Shoppers, valets, coffee terraces, youngsters, wanderers.

Your best lens : 28mm

Favorite spot   : Crossroad of Rivoli and rue du Renard.

When to go     : sunset is a must. Walk the street West to East to get the sun in people’s face (watch out for your own shadow)

Must go          : at night under the arches close to Place de la Concorde. Mystery’s all over the place.   

Metro Station : Concorde


 Map of area  




 Sample shots  (click on picture to enlarge) 









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  1. Again very cool coupling of text, maps and example shots. A great series, thx for posting! Greetings from Germany, Carsten

  2. admin dit :

    Hi Carsten,

    Thanks. By the way, I found a link to the book you were referring too on lomography in Vienna :
    I think the concept is great, can’t believe they actually found 54 fanatic « lomographers » in Vienna !