Street photography spots V : Les grands magasins – Boulevard Haussmann


 An all time favorite by many famous photographers, you will find yourself in front of worldwide known department stores such as Galeries Lafayette or Le Printemps. Here watch the constant flow of shoppers rushing in and out of these fashion cathedrals in search of the latest of the French chic. You’ll also find travellers who came from far away for a day in paradise and glamour addicts walking the large sidewalks dragging huge bags. Stand at a crossroad and let the waves of shoppers come to you with views on century old facades of the Galeries Lafayette. While you are in the area, the Opera and Saint-Lazare train station stand only a block away. I also find them to be fun places to shoot as you’ll always get that frenziness feeling with landmark buildings in the background.


Pictures type   : Streets crowded with shoppers. Fashion, glamour, frantic.  

Your best lens : 28 or 50mm

Favorite spot   : In front of Galerie Lafayette, at the corner of Rue la Fayette. 

When to go     : Satudays afternoon

Must go           : Inside Galerie Lafayette

Metro Station  : Saint-Lazare


 Map of area




  Sample shots  (click on pictures to enlarge)  









4 Responses to “Street photography spots V : Les grands magasins – Boulevard Haussmann”

  1. Wow – another great piece of information on your city. Thx again for sharing, I can’t wait to come back to Paris and try out some of the spots you mentioned :-)
    Greetings from Germany, Carsten

  2. Jerome dit :

    Vous me rendez bien jaloux de vos photos ! Je me suis promené a travers les divers billets et sildeshows, je suis impressionné autant par la qualité des cadrages que par la vitesse a laquelle vous tirez. Bonne continuation

  3. Axel Cordes dit :

    Street photography spots

    Yanidel, via Daniel Bayer’s Kodachrome blog ( I came to yours.

    Sometime things come together at the right time. I will have one week of Street-Photography end of this May in Paris.

    I will take my time and study your pages, already now Thank you for sharing all that info to us!

    Kind regards Axel