New pictures look

Time for a  change in the look of my pictures!

The basic style remains the same yet pictures will have less sepia and more colors. In other words : more pop for a more modern look.  I hope you will enjoy it.

6 Responses to “New pictures look”

  1. arash dit :

    I actually really love you old style.
    Looking forward to the new style as well.
    BTW thank you for posting all these wonderful images, it’s always a treat to have a peek at them.

  2. brabra dit :

    toujours un plaisir de regarder tes photos et d’admirer ton coup d’oeil

  3. Tom dit :


    Still love your pictures!

    I don’t know if you edit your pictures using Lightroom. If so, could you share the preset you used for your old pictures with us?

  4. boklm dit :

    I liked the old style, desaturated. Let’s see the new one !

  5. Charlotte dit :

    I just discovered your blog. Don’t know how could I live without it so far… ♥ all your pictures :)