Travel through civilizations

Imagine you are suddenly catapulted in another world. Then you open your eyes. Where are you ? Paris, Cairo, Rome, or Vegas ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F2.8, 1/350, ISO160

6 Responses to “Travel through civilizations”

  1. Benji dit :

    This one doesn’t enlarge when clicked… It might be my browser, however.

  2. admin dit :

    Not your browser … I fixed it, thanks !

  3. Benji dit :

    Thank you !

  4. MateuszG dit :

    These are the best street pictures of Paris since Brassai i`ve seen :)
    I love every single shot U have here :)
    U are going into my favourites folder.

    Best regards from Poland
    Mateusz Grybczynski

  5. bruno dit :

    total beginner but though photo fan, I decided recently to get more into photography; so read some books and bought a new micro four third camera. started to take interesting shots -that i saw so- and felt excitement growing about photo in general…until today that i landed on your website. So much excellent pictures and variety makes me feel more motivated about the infinity of potential shots i could take for the rest of my life. But some specific pictures like this one make me understand that i’d rather give up now instead of trying to reach this level of perfection. I’m not a quiter but this image is depressingly beautiful. you are definitely gifted. tons of these images could be used by ad agencies…

  6. admin dit :

    Hi Bruno, thanks for your post. It is not about being gifted, it is about practice and experimentation. Train your eyes looking at other’s work but most of all, spend hours in the street …. it will come, it is a matter if time and reliance.