« Waiting for the money » music video by Hugo Celso

Check out this link to musician Hugo Celso’s blog. He has just put up a video combining his music to pictures from this blog. I think the result is amazing, great job in combining the words to the pictures. Thanks Hugo!

The video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPSHd6OMkcY

Hugo’s website : http://www.inmyths.com


3 Responses to “« Waiting for the money » music video by Hugo Celso”

  1. Suzy dit :

    This is fabulous! Great song, too. I wonder how Hugo decided upon which photos to use. I tried to isolate my top 10 favorite photos of yours and I ended up with 170 of them.

  2. Hugo dit :

    I must say it was very hard to pick the photos!
    Some follow the lyrics at some extend but the others I had to choose following my own taste…

    I’m glad you liked the song Suzy :)