Just married … and at the bar

An odd scene this afternoon on Place Colette where a just married couple stopped for a few drinks. Maybe a great way to recover from the day’s emotions.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F2, 1/350, ISO160

8 Responses to “Just married … and at the bar”

  1. Peter dit :

    Nice shots on your blog; they seem to have a feeling of honesty about them. Nice to see you don’t worry about blown highlights.

  2. admin dit :

    thanks Peter. I do worry about blown highlights but it does not obsess me. I usually try to have a nice histogram in post-processing. I have switched to full manual for the last 3 weeks , no more aperture priority. Still in the learning curve and I blow the highlights here and there but overall my exposures are getting better I think. ;)

  3. Chris dit :

    LOVELY !

  4. Olivine dit :

    This is a beautiful photo !
    I’m discovering your blog and the photos are great !
    Do you live in Paris ?

  5. admin dit :

    thanks Olivine, yes I do live in Paris.

  6. Jaap dit :

    Beautiful! Is this French « tradition »? ;-)

  7. admin dit :

    Nope, but it definitely should be …