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Street photography spots VII : The Tuileries Garden

jeudi, juin 3rd, 2010

Located in front of the Louvres Palace, the Tuileries Garden is the biggest park in downtown Paris. Once the Kings’ private garden, it has been open to the public for two centuries and has become a favorite of for Parisians in need of some green space.

As you enter the Garden through the Concorde gate, go left and up the ramp that overlooks the place on one side and the Garden on the other. There you’ll get the opportunity for shots with great paranomas, you’ll just have to wait for someone to bring some interesting action to your frame. Also a good opportunity to use your longer lenses for some subject compression or isolation effects. In the far left corner (as you face the Garden) stands the Jeu de Paume, a building fully dedicated to photography and featuring amazing exhibits. So do plan a couple of hours to visit it.

Once fully inspired by works of the masters, walk to the main pond area where you’ll usually find many people taking a rest in the famous green chairs. Take a seat, feel the place and hopefully you’ll find some ways to keep out of the « cliché » shots and find some creative ways to depict this area. If not, the famous couple sitting in chairs will do, heck you are in Paris, this is a must take shot. After that, head towards the wooden areas where shooting becomes a bit more challenging. Indeed, in the later part of the afternoon, sun, shadows, dust and vegetation create a special light that is great to create mysterious atmospheres. There is always something happening but you obviously need to find it so do not hesitate to roam around in search of your shots. Once out of the woods, you’ll find the second pond (and another couple shot …) and finally get in the last part of the Garden where labyrinths are located. Here again, your creativity will be put at a test but the setting is definitely there for some great shots.


Pictures type   : Strollers, couples, terraces, shadows plays, joggers.

Your best lens : 35mm and 75mm

Favorite spot   : Around the ponds

When to go     : Very early morning or before sunset. Avoid weekends.

Must go         :  Jeu de Paume Photography House

Metro Station  : Concorde


Sample shots  (click on pictures to enlarge)