A tango to welcome the summer

As Paris welcomes the solstice with music in every streets, the St-Honoré Market hosts tango dancers under his roof. A little dance to welcome the summer, three wonderful months to come, Paris at his best.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/125, ISO800

7 Responses to “A tango to welcome the summer”

  1. vodo dit :

    Paris at his best

  2. Suzy dit :

    Always something thrilling to do in Paris. I don’t know how one could possibly keep up!

  3. Konstantin dit :

    I notice that in most pictures you have a perspective from above – you are not taking the pictures from eye level but slightly from above. Are you just taller or do you actually raise the camera or tilt it to create this illusion? Very curious! Love this picture! Konstantin

  4. admin dit :

    Hi Konstantin,

    Good catch, I am quite tall so it explains the reasons why you get that perspective. I sometimes kneel down to take pictures but usually I keep my high point of view ;) It does give IMO more depth to pictures, the disadvantage being a bit more distortion on some shots.

  5. Konstantin dit :

    I actually do like the distortion because it creates somehow the illusion of sucking the viewer in the scene – there is something dynamic about such distortions (I guess they also come from wider lenses – I use a 50 mm on M8 which is approx. equivalent to a 75 mm on the M9 so not much distortion of this kind possible).

  6. admin dit :

    You are right about the dynamism, yet sometimes distortion creates a bit the small legs, big head effect which I am not fond of, especially in portrait mode.
    Still at 35mm or higher like you mentionned, the effect is not that strong. I have tried 28mm and here I don’t like the proportions anymore.