Lady of Versailles

Long gone are the corsets, petticoats and wigs of the French court, but sometimes elegance appears like an old ghost in the Versailles Palace Gardens. (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.2, 1/4000, ISO160, ND filter

7 Responses to “Lady of Versailles”

  1. Jerome dit :

    Jolie apparition effectivement, félicitations pour l’entrevue avec Steve Huff :)

  2. Ruben dit :

    I don’t know how can you find that people and that timing!
    such a beautiful moment

  3. Thomas dit :

    Yes it is a beautiful moment, and such a nice subject!

  4. Fotoleica dit :

    A lovely shot well anticipated – superb!!

  5. Dan dit :

    I wonder what is your take about shooting people while they notice you do. I most of the time feel uncomfortable shooting people straight up in front of them when they look at you in the eye. What do you feel about that? are you indifferent to them seeing you? is it all about catching the moment regardless of what’s between you and the accomplishment of that?

  6. admin dit :

    Dan, that is a great topic and definitely challenging one.
    I am never completely comfortable shooting strangers as you never know what the reaction will be. Yet I think that this tension is part of street photography and even what makes it often enjoyable, lot’s of adrenaline at times ;)
    What I have learnt over time is that street photography without interacting with other people is often impossible. So one learns how to face others reaction and I guess gets better at it with time. Now I can say that I very seldom get into trouble, actually most often I get great surprises and even meet new people. 90% of people smile back when you do so, but there is no magic way to raise that to 100% as some people just don’t like their picture taken. They must also be dealt with, but should not prevent you to enjoy the big majority of friendly people.
    As you said, it is about catching the moment, more preferably in a stealthy way so you do not alter your subject behaviour. Yet acting stealthy must not be an excuse for one’s shyness. This being said, there are days I just don’t feel like interacting with others, so either I’ll take shots with more distance or just stay home as the resulting picture are often bad. So I guess it is all about the photographer and his mood ;)

  7. photohogger dit :

    Ah the French epitomized!