Waiting for the postman

In wait for the letter that will start a long trip ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F8, 1/500, ISO200

6 Responses to “Waiting for the postman”

  1. Thomas dit :

    After visiting Europe a few years ago a friend proclaims, « there are no fat people in Paris ».

    I must add that there are no ugly women in Paris!

    Beautiful scooters too.

  2. Tyson dit :

    I just realized that I have been enjoying your blog for a while and you have no idea. I just wanted to let you know that there are some who look but don’t comment! I love the tones of your photos, as well as your discretion in subjects.

  3. admin dit :

    thanks !

    Tyson, thanks for letting me know ! The silent majority, right ? ;)

  4. Ruben dit :

    again…this is impressive :)

  5. Gabriel dit :

    Je trouve que celle-ci à un charme fou : la pureté de l’éventail blanc, les graffitis parasites, le contraste avec le scooter rouge et la granularité à F8. Toujours beaucoup de talent !

  6. William Darhy dit :

    I like the association of « urban furnitures » and their bright colors as well. Like mail boxes (great), signs, etc.. And also less glamour but much greener : the trash cans :-)
    Great picture and modeling, yellow + red and warm tones.