The return of the bad boy

In front of the Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais Church, a nun does not seem to happy about the stories she is listening too. Bad boys never change … but I guess the doors of her small « shetler » will always remain open. (click on picture to enlarge)

PS : This is one of my first shots with the Voigtlander 21mm lens I acquired this week. It falls in the category of super wide angles and gives a 90 degrees field of view. Quite difficult to master due to converging lines, distortion and … lot of space to fill. I will experiment more with it, but this is definitely a very fun lens to use in these moments where a scene just does not fit in the frame.


Leica M9 with Voigtlander 21mm at F5.6, 1/500, ISO200

8 Responses to “The return of the bad boy”

  1. Thomas dit :

    I have this lens in LTM mount. It can be difficult to use. I look forward seeing more here.

  2. Fotoleica dit :

    Nice scene – be interesting to see what else you post with this lens

  3. Dimitri dit :

    Hello Yanidel –

    For me it’s a nice shot, but I must admit that I’m a bit perplex about the « quality » of the lens (final quality of picture. I prefer (from far) your Hexanon® (Of course usage isn’t the same).

    – Dimitri

  4. admin dit :

    I think the LTM version has the same optics as the newer one. I bought it to supplement (or even replace) the 24mm Elmarit which is a big lens that I end up not taking along most of the time. The CV 21mm is so tiny that I have no excuses for not having it. I am not sure I will take many pictures with it though.
    Quality wise, and after doing a quick comparison with the 24mm Elmarit, it is an excellent lens, yet difficult to show without looking at large files. I am especially surprised by the 3D look I have seen on several shots.
    Will see how it goes …

  5. Dimitri dit :

    Hello Yanidel –

    What I mean with the « quality » (because I’m sure knowing your talent, you make great shoots), is that when you look in detail the picture, well there is no great details (like you could have with your Hexanon®, and/or some of your Leica® lenses). It look a bit « fuzzy » (if you search the details).


    – Dimitri

  6. admin dit :

    Yes and no.
    I’ll post more shots with the 21mm at some point but the resolution is excellent(a little deterioration in corners though). I think the magnification ratio plays a little here since 21mm shots will mostly have large scene with small details, while a 60mm lens will usually focus on a subject very close where you’ll clearly details.
    This being said, the Hexanon is by far the sharpest lens I have owned, so you are comparing the CV with the King here ;)

  7. wentbackward dit :

    Very powerful image, especially with the light striking her hair, the power of God and the church behind her, very intimidating. Is there much detail in the faces? If so you must have this printed large and crop off the sides, perhaps to a 5×4 format, it’s wonderful.

  8. admin dit :

    There is a bit more detail in the faces at full enlargement. Yet, I do not like the expression much. I have another shot where she smiles, I would probably use that one.