Tour de Paris

Good-bye to the World Cup and welcome to the Tour de France. I even think a new competition should be created, that is the Tour de Paris. Indeed, every day the prettiest girl found riding a bicycle in the city would get to wear a yellow skirt the next day.  Like the idea ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/1000, ISO200

8 Responses to “Tour de Paris”

  1. Steve dit :

    Defending the yellow in grand style!

  2. Thomas dit :

    Great idea!

  3. Lovely photo. Only in Paris would you find a girl riding a bike in a skirt and heels !

  4. wentbackward dit :

    Uh, huh, sorry Yanidel, did you say something? I’m a bit distracted at the moment …

  5. Amsterdamize dit :

    @Doug you never traveled to the Netherlands, I assume? Or Denmark, or Germany? It’s a very common practice :)

  6. Tim Beadle dit :

    @Doug: er, no: also in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Bremen and many other towns in those countries…

  7. Dirk dit :

    :-) @Doug: maybe it should say « a girl riding a bike in a skirt and heels – ignoring red traffic lights just in front of a police station ! » – that´s very typical for Paris, I think…

    @yanidel: joyeuse fête aujourd´hui ! (14 juillet)

  8. Dan dit :

    I like your taste in girls Yanidel.. and also your sense of being in the right place in the right time.

    Also, is it processed a bit? I wonder what the OOC photo looks like. Maybe you could post sometimes an OOC also?