Dead shadows walking

On Rivoli street, shadows err under the heavy sun of a hot summer day. When one has the attitude, even her shadow shows.  (click on picture to enlarge)big-legs-shadows-girl-lr.jpgLeica M9 with 21mm Voigtlander at F5.6, 1/1000, ISO200 (cropped)

4 Responses to “Dead shadows walking”

  1. Fotoleica dit :

    Super shot – and as well as a water bottle she appears to be carrying a flame thrower

  2. Jerome dit :

    On dirait qu’ils la suivent même

  3. admin dit :

    indeed flame thrower, very good, I see you have more imagination than I do ;)
    A Parisian version of Lara Croft then ?

  4. Ferraby dit :

    Great pictures. Would love to have the opportunity to take pictures like yours.
    Unfortunately i live in a really small town. Street photography is a bit of a struggle…
    Keep it up!!!