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Street photography spots VIII : The Canal Saint-Martin

mercredi, juillet 21st, 2010


The Seine River is not the unique water way in Paris. Indeed, facing problems of salubrity in dowtown Paris, Napoleon ordered the construction of huge canals to bring potable water as well as merchandise to the city. Nowadays these canals are mainly sailed by guided tours ships and are a great place for long wanders along its piers, as well as wonderful sights at its many floodgates and bridges. The most typical part of the canal network is the Canal St – Martin that links the Villette harbour to la Bastille.

First head to the Stalingrad metro station (a very photogenic place in itself) and you’ll find yourself overviewing the canal located on the left. Obviously, you can wander by both sides of the water way and if you have time, do so. Otherwise I recommend taking the right bank when going towards La Bastille. You will be on for a 2 kilometers walk full of pictures opportunity. Indeed, barges, terraces, floodgates, lovers, lone wanderers, fishermen, bridges, campers, joggers, .. it is all there for creative picture taking. And don’t forget your lunch for a nice meal with your feet in the water.


Pictures type   : Strollers, terraces, barges, group of friends.

Your best lens : 35mm and 75mm

Favorite spot   : By Stalingrad

When to go     : Very early morning or before sunset.

Must go         :  See a ship go through the floodgate system.

Metro Station  : Stalingrad


Map of the area




Sample shots  (click on pictures to enlarge)