Join us or join me ?

A man looks at an hiring ad by a large department store. Thinking about a new job, or maybe a new wife ? (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F2, 1/350, ISO200

5 Responses to “Join us or join me ?”

  1. wentbackward dit :

    Hi Yanidel,

    Was trying to leave a comment over at your SOULS blog: but couldn’t figure it out … anyhow this image is of the same quality. I love the way the woman on the street is so opposed to the woman above. It’s truly a great image.

    My comment on your other blog:
    HCB or Elliot Erwitt would have been proud of such a shot! You’re a great street photog Yanidel. Will be in Paris with a new toy, for a couple of days and would love to catch up and learn a few of your tricks, but, it’s my wife’s birthday so will be otherwise occupied!!

  2. admin dit :

    Thanks for letting me know. I was getting a lot of spam on Souls so had to desactivate comments… a pity.

    Enjoy Paris with your wife (and your new toy …), let’s plan something next time.l you will be around.

  3. Excellent comp. Would love to see a post about the posts. Like a bit of your take on street photo, the default settings you use and so on. You post one a day and each one is great. How many do you shoot?
    Anyhow, when you have some time I’d be an avid reader of any tutorials. I know the usual stuff like predict what is going to happen etc etc, but still it’s great to hear it from someone who is out there doing it and doing it right.

  4. admin dit :

    Hi Martin, it is a good idea. I had thought about adding a section on equipment and technique but never really materialize it. I’ll think about it and try to come up with something in the coming weeks.

  5. Fatima dit :