The Littoral Series V : On consistency of look – The fisherman and the kid

After the first two sessions of edition, it became clear that some of us had a hard time getting a consistent look to their pictures. A fellow student had mixed B&W with color pictures and another mate had shot both 6×6 and 24×36 films. As for myself, I had a mix of wide open shots together with pictures with a long depth of field. Therefore at some point, we had to pick a style and stick with it for the remainder of the week. There are obviously instances where a mix of formats or styles blend well together, but it takes a lot of experience in editing to come up with a coherent series. So in my case, I elected to shoot wide open until the end of the course, I guess it comes at no surprise for those who are familiar with this blog.

A man fishs with a kid in shallow waters a hundred meters off the coast in Beauduc (note that I did take my non weather sealed Leica along …). The first shot was taken stopped down to F8 for an extensive depth of field. Details in all the planes the fisherman are clearly identifiable, such as the boy’s expression.


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F8, 1/250, ISO200, ND filter

The second pictures shows the effect created by a F1.4 aperture on my 35mm lens. The background becomes blurry and the scene is therefore more suggested than identifiable. In other words, one could say that the second shot is to the Impressionist painters what the first one could be to the Dutch painters.


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/4000, ISO200, ND filter

Though I did find the first shot more pleasing, it was this second one that was almost included in the final series as its look was more consistent with the remainder of the pictures. In the end, it was left aside too as other shots better fitted the series, no regrets there.

6 Responses to “The Littoral Series V : On consistency of look – The fisherman and the kid”

  1. Rick dit :

    Since you said that the class didn’t allow post processing, would you consider posting any of the straight-from-camera images?

  2. admin dit :

    Rick, next post is probably what you asked for ;)

  3. Richard Clark dit :

    my sense is that your work was much stronger before you embarked on this course, someone elses eye is simply that, someone elses.

  4. admin dit :

    This was a learning experience so I had to put aside some of my routines. I learnt quite a few things that I hope will make me a better photographer. Also, some pictures are posted to illustrate the topic of the day, not because they are especially good.
    Next week, I’ll be back to posting about Paris … I hope you don’t feel I got converted to another style ;)

  5. papounet dit :

    Sure admin is a good photographer. And a eye who decide he is better before the workshop could be right… to his own point of view!
    We have all a different eye!!!
    It was an exercise, and Admin did it very well , for me !