The Littoral Series VIII : On patience – Pierrot & Friends

After taking pictures at Gloria Beach in Port Saint-Louis for an hour, I decided to head for a straw roofed bar (the famous « Paillotte », more often illegal then not)  located by the beach. As I sat and began talking with other customers, Pierrot suddenly appeared and sat by me. I promptly asked him if I could take a picture of him. He answered to my request by saying « Try and I’ll punch you in the face » with a playful grin on his face. Since Pierrot was a 1.90 meters high, 120 kilos retired truck driver built like a cupboard, I did not insist. Yet we started chatting around a beer and he turned out to be a very sympathetic and talkative fellow. After 45 minutes, I knew half of the bar’s happy few, had taken a portrait of the pretty waitress and Pierrot turned to me and said « So, are you finally going to take that picture of me? ».

In reportage, patience is sometimes your best ally. Get to know the people, relax and who knows, your best shot might suddenly unfold in front of your eyes. This is what happened to me that day as you will see below.  (click on pictures to enlarge)

Pierrot sitting next to me in the beach bar.


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/1000, ISO200, ND filter

Portrait of the waitress


 Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/2000, ISO200, ND filter

And it was while talking to Pierrot that the following scene happened in front of me ; three kids were busing check out a fishing rod  before they head for the beach. This turned out to be one to by my favorite shot of the week and made the final editing.


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/3000, ISO200, ND filter

7 Responses to “The Littoral Series VIII : On patience – Pierrot & Friends”

  1. Thomas dit :

    Adding more street portraits to your street scenes. Pierrot and the waitress are nice.

    The little boys are funny. One with really long and the other really short shorts!

  2. Andy Piper dit :

    Both portraits are very nice. I love to see pictures shot with the Leica M9.

  3. Tibor dit :

    The portrait shots are nice indeed. But the last one is a real gem with a 3 layer composition with the guy calling, the kid with the fishing rod and the kids behind.



  4. Dan dit :

    I like all shots very much while having a few thoughts about them:

    1. I wonder if first one is a bit too close.. do you think it would have been a bit better taken a bit back?

    2. Also, about the second one, you took it while standing? it is clearly a nice picture, I’m just wondering how come you got to that angle?

    3. what it the secret of your post processing? would you like display picture unprocessed next to same one with processing?



  5. Dan dit :

    Also, I’m wondering what is your take about the M9 colors? some like Rockwell are very discontent with them.

  6. admin dit :


    1. Yes maybe, but I was in a chair having a chat so did not want to interrupt by standing up. So I took the first and third picture from the same spot.

    2. I asked to sit down and I usually like to do a lot of portraits from straight above. No real reason, a personal preference I guess

    3. This is covered in that post where you have both pictures

    As for the M9 colors, I like them a lot but can’t really put words to describe it. I also think the lens influence them a lot. The greens for example are very different on the 35 Lux, 60 Hex or 75 Cron.

  7. Rick dit :

    That third photo is very dense, good work! Also, that guy’s arm is huge! Wow!