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The Littoral Series X : The final cut – 12 Hours

mercredi, août 25th, 2010

Time to end this series and show you the final cut of a full week of reportage shooting.

On the last day of the course, each of us laid on a table the 300 pictures he had taken during the week to build a reportage.  A very tiring day, though definitely very interesting. A first selection of our best pictures was made, then sometimes a second one before Eric cleverly added a few of his picks and started arranging the pictures in a cohesive series. After an hour and dozens of arrangements, there was the result of a week’s work appearing in the form of a 5 to 20 pictures reportage. It was also time to learn our last lesson, and probably the toughest one, that is the « mourning of one’s best images ». Indeed sometimes your best shots just don’t fit into a series, so one has to accept to leave them aside. Difficult and frustrating, but definitely a wise advice.

My series consists of 12 pictures, some of them I have commented on previous posts while others will be new to you. I named it « 12 hours »; a wander through a day and its changing light, impressions of life on the Littoral from sunrise to sunset. Click here or on the picture to launch the slideshow.

Finally, I take this opportunity to thank Eric Bouvet and the full Buvette group for one amazing experience. If you are based in France (or nearby) and would like to learn more about reportage, Eric will most probably give this course again next summer, so check out the Rencontres d’Arles website sometimes next May. Note that Eric also sets up courses for associations and photo clubs all over France, so do not hesitate to contact him if you are interested.

(click on picture to launch slideshow)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux at F1.4, 1/3000, ISO200, ND filter

The Littoral Series IX : On deleting – Sunrise & Sunset

mercredi, août 25th, 2010

One important point throughout the course was that we were asked not to delete any pictures we had taken (here again, I admit that I did not fully respect this rule). Eric even expected us not to look at our LCD so the printed picture would come as a total surprise the next day. The goal doing that was not to delete potentially good pictures on a first impression. And while we reviewed each day’s shoot, I was amazed to see the number of shots that were judged interesting even though its author thought it was a complete failure. So unless you are limited in storage capacity, a very good advice is not to delete your pictures on the fly. They might end up as gems or an essential piece of your reportage. For those of you that are located in France, the latest edition of « Réponses Photo » (September 2010) has a full article by the course instructor Eric Bouvet on reportage editing, definitely a worthwhile read.

The shot below was taken at sunrise in the fishermen’s harbour. At first, I almost deleted it since I did not like so much the expression of the girl. Nevertheless, it made the final editing, not only because of the special light but also its signification. Indeed, who in France has not gotten up very early on a nice vacations day  to buy bread (and croissants) for breakfast ? In the end, a good picture to illustrate life on the Littoral in Summer with that special early morning light. (click on pictures to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/4000, ISO200, ND filter

The second picture also made the final cut, yet I almost delete it as I wasn’t too happy about the composition. Nevertheless, it proved to be a great step in my series to depict the slow decrease of light over a full day. The bars, the terraces of a  touristic town and a girl waiting for someone, … this is also life in the littoral.


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/3000, ISO200