End of August

When you have been driving behind the same bumper for the last 10 minutes but you car has hardly moved, you know that August vacations are over. Everybody’s back in the city, full of souvenirs and getting ready for the slow transition to « grey » Paris. Nevertheless, Paris remains Paris and wonderful sights can always suddenly appear at any corner of a street. (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/1000, ISO200, ND filter

10 Responses to “End of August”

  1. Dan dit :

    Lovely sights indeed. Lovely light also.. and when are you going to reveal your post processing secrets?:)

  2. Dan dit :

    or is it the lens that gives it this look..?

  3. Sergey dit :

    I love the look on the womans face. She is obviously married, wonder what the conversation is about. Fantastic photograph.

    Glad to see more of the Paris Street photos.

  4. Fotoleica dit :

    Fantastic light

  5. Valery dit :

    Paris is beautiful all the year. I would always come back to that city. Nice texture in the skin of that girl.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  6. admin dit :

    Dan, the lens did a lot on this one as the light came from behind. Counter light too. So I can keep my post processing secret, right ? ;)

  7. Dan dit :

    I guess you can.. for the time being…:)

  8. Dan dit :

    BTW, how did you manage to get the Hexanon? you preferred it over something else?

    Tell me if I’m being too nosy.

  9. admin dit :

    No problem, any questions are welcome ;)

    I got the Hexanon by chance as someone in Paris was selling it. I wanted a lens with a Noctilux capability but for a lesser price and smaller size. Also I liked the fact that it almost fills perfectly the 50mm frames.