Street photography spots IX : Alexander III bridge

A place where I like to shoot when I don’t have too much time and want to test my creativity. The Alexander III bridge, which links the Invalides to the Champs-Elysées, was built in 1900 to celebrate the Franco-Russian friendship. It is a massive steel structure topped by golden statues and featuring amazing views over the Seine River, the Eiffel tower and the Invalides. It is a favourite of tourists, lovers but also wedding and fashion photographers. It is nonetheless a challenging shooting spot since you’ll be out in the wide open and getting close to your subjects undetected will tes your stealthiness skills. Also, the architectural setting will tempt you to use super wide angles while a compressed view of the bridge, walker by’s and Invalides will have you pull out your longest lens. The Alexander III bridge is as well a great place for photographers that like to take their time and carefully prepare their shots. Patience will be needed until all pieces come together. You might even be lucky and see models or a bride and broom appear for a quick photo session. Finally, as you exit the bridge towards the Invalides, you can go on towards the grass areas where you’ll often find people skating, playing football or enjoying a picnic. Some great shots there if you can include them with the church or bridge in the frame.

Pictures type : lovers, walker by’s in compressed scenery, weddings, fashion shoots.
Your best lens : 35mm and 75mm
Favorite spot : Up the stairs leading to the Seine River
When to go : sunset
Must go : see the sunset on a warm summer day.
Metro Station : Champs-Elysées – Clémenceau

Map of the area


Sample shots  (click on pictures to enlarge)    





3 Responses to “Street photography spots IX : Alexander III bridge”

  1. Tibor dit :

    Nice set herewith. I like the girl doing her make-up, nicely caught in action and nice composition with the men smoking and the car. And as usual, nice PP to these.

  2. I have really enjoyed looking through these images.

  3. Cornel P. dit :

    You make a very good job by describing the best photo spots in Paris. I should have find your blog before my holiday there :)
    Nice street photo blog you have here.