The Saint-Lazare Triptych

Between dreams of escape and of glamourous love, flows the daily routine of Parisians.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Sigma DP2 at F7.1, 1/80, ISO100

4 Responses to “The Saint-Lazare Triptych”

  1. Tsutomu dit :

    Interesting that right after the set of manual focus tips, a DP2 photo is the photo of the day! What do you think about this camera? It is much more affordable than your typical equipment. Thanks for your thoughts on it.


  2. admin dit :

    Hi Tsutomu,

    I use the DP2 whenever I cannot take the Leica M’s along. Smaller, fits in a coat pocket and stunning image quality under correct conditions.
    I think it is the best large sensor compact camera for street photography. Indeed, a distance focus dial allows you to zone focus very easily. Out of focus effects won’t be as visible, yet if you use F8 and adjust the distance dial, you can do anything with that camera without autofocus.
    IQ wise, sharpness is close to the M8/9 and colors amazing. The body is quirky for sure, but one can get used to it with some practice.

  3. Tsutomu dit :

    Sounds positive, thanks!