On gear / equipment

I have noticed that quite a few comments and emails I receive are questions about gear and equipment. I have therefore added a page dedicated to this topic. Click here to discover it.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that equipment is only a part of the equation.  Indeed, a small compact camera such as one used by this girl can do the job. As long as you arrange the subjects in an orderly manner in front of creative background such as the Arch of Triumph, you’ll be fine, right ? ;)  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F2.8, 1/4000, ISO200

10 Responses to “On gear / equipment”

  1. Dan dit :

    Hi Yanick, about your gear list, is your 35mm the latest one? seems like it from the picture of it that you posted

  2. admin dit :

    Hi Dan, no I got version I. I couldn’t tell if it was a picture of the older or newer version.

  3. Sergey dit :

    I think you great photographs and tend to agree that it is not your equipment that makes them excellent. Keep up the good work.

  4. Fotolebrocq dit :

    Interesting – but does this mean you will not be going for the 50 Lux??

  5. Dan dit :

    I think the Konica you’ve got is first rare – which is always nice to know when you have something few people have – and second is great. don’t see why you would need to 50 here? maybe instead you should go for 21mm

  6. Koi dit :

    Hi Yanick,

    Would you care to share your Lightroom settings? Better still a quick LR tutorial to produce the washout look?

    BTW, love you site. Been checking it daily.

  7. admin dit :

    Concerning the 50mm Lux, I am not sure I’ll keep it (and I am not even sure I could). The 60mm is more versatile and is back on my camera these days ;)
    As for 21mm, I have a CV one but I am not very confortable with that focal. A bit too wide for me.

    Koi, printers had their processing secrets so though digital made it easier to share, I think one should keep at least part of his own signature, right ? ;)
    I’ll add a few words to the processing section in the coming days and some hints. Nothing complicated, you just need to play a bit with sliders and come up with the look you like best.
    Thanks for checking out my site daily, I am honoured.

  8. Hatef Yamini dit :

    Thanks for sharing the equipment list. I have the Domke bag too. I couldn’t be happier with a camera back. It’s nearly perfect.

  9. yes Yanick your image of the 35mm is of the newest version II. You may want to change that.