Street Photography Now Project

The Photographer’s Gallery and the authors of the ‘Street Photography Now book’ have launched a great initiative for the next 52 weeks. Basically, you will receive instructions weekly based on a quote of a contemporary street photographer. You will then have 7 days to take a shot in relationship with the instruction and post it to their Flickr Group. I usually  never participate in contests but I think this is, above all, a great learning experience and challenge. So for all of you that love the street, register and make sure you get your first photo in by tomorrow. Click here to discover the site.

Instruction #1 is « If you can feel the street by looking at a photo, it’s a street photograph » by Bruce Gilden.

My submission for this instruction was the shot « In hope of good news » posted earlier this week. I couldn’t resist the bad joke ;) If you’d like to share your shots with me, add me as contact on Flickr, my nickname is also yanidel. I’ll gladly discover your own interpretations !

5 Responses to “Street Photography Now Project”

  1. Daniel dit :

    Thanks for sharing! It’s an stimulating project!

  2. Mattias dit :

    yanidel, i added you on Flickr. My nick is mattel. See you there as well :)

  3. Gantoo dit :

    Added too, my nick is Gantoo :).

  4. admin dit :

    All added as contacts. Thank you to all of you that added me as their contact, this will be fun !