Montmartre here I come

A pair of red glasses, a guitar and the head full of dreams of fame … Montmartre here  I come.  (click on picture to enlarge)

Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/4000, ISO200

7 Responses to “Montmartre here I come”

  1. Marshall dit :

    hi Yanidel!

    I’ve been following your site for a few weeks now and love your work! Apologies if you’ve addressed this question already, but I was curious if your subjects always consent to you taking their photos?

    I’ve been trying my hand at a little street photography lately, and am a bit uncomfortable pointing the lens and random strangers on the street, however photogenic they might be. It just feels a little creepy. Any suggestions on going about the « approach » – or, should I just hide in the bushes and start snapping away?

  2. cam dit :

    can i just say that i am jealous of your shadow?

    it looks so elegant whereas mine looks like a dumpling with wild snakes attached :( when you shoot are you aware of where it is? i can’t seem to get my head around paying attention to that, until i see it ruined yet another photo on my monitor…

  3. MaGabriela dit :

    I LOVE Paris, I love photography. So, with your blog I can enjoy my 2 passions. Thanks!
    Greetings from Venezuela. Peace.

  4. admin dit :

    Hi Marshall,
    Subject almost never give consent but most don’t care. A smile is usually all what it takes. Hiding in the bushes is the worse way to go about it, the more you act strangely the more people will think you are creepy. Just be natural and if someone asks you why, explain what you are doing. Most will understand but unluckily the world will never be completely idiot free. ;)

    Cam, jealous of my shadow ? Sorry, I cannot lend it to you ;) I always pay special attention to my shadow and depending on where it points I will walk on the one border or the other of a sidewalk. But the closest you get to you subject, the most difficult it gets to avoid the shadow being reflected on them, especially at sunset.

    Gabriela, thanks, great to know you are reading from Venezuela. For sure a great place for photography too !

  5. ixbé dit :

    Superbe cliché, les ombres du photgraphe et du sujet côte à côte, un must!

  6. Michael J dit :

    Very very nice. Subject, camera, lens, light, colors, composition. When it all comes together, like it has here, it is art. se maginfique.