The 60mm 1.2 Konica Hexanon Review

I often get emails with questions on the 60mm Hexanon. I therefore started to write a post that would cover them. As I progressed, it soon took the form of a more very long text, so I decided to make it as comprehensive as possible and call it a review. So here is my 60mm 1.2 Konica Hexanon Review. There are a lot of pictures in it, so even if you are not interested in equipment talks, have a quick look.

I hope the text does not result too much of a patchwork of impressions and facts. Patchwork like this scene taken in Pigalle at a taxi halt.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/180, ISO200, ND filter

5 Responses to “The 60mm 1.2 Konica Hexanon Review”

  1. Great review Yanick, as expected the very best Hex 60/1.2 review available, with excellent imagery to boot.

  2. Gabriel dit :

    Cet objectif et ce que tu en sors laissent rêveur.
    Quelle est la distance moyenne par rapport à tes sujets à laquelle tu l’utilises en général ?

  3. Valery dit :

    Her dress is nos from this time. And… how could she take all those bags?



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  4. admin dit :


    Merci. Je laisse tout le temps le focus sur 3 mètres, mais la distance est très variable. Disons que entre 1 et 5 mètres, avec en effet, une moyenne à 3 mètres.


    Women can carry a lot of bags when shopping, don’t worry for her ;)