On inspiration : Delayed Happy Ending

In an earlier post, I mentioned how one’s photography is often influenced by the work of other photographers. Nevertheless, inspiration really comes from any fact of life, be it of your daily existence or fiction as seen on TV. Last night I saw the awards winning French film ‘Ne le dis à personne’ (‘Don’t tell anyone’) which features a man searching for his wife who he tought was dead. As the thriller comes to an end, they are supposed to meet in the entrance of the Parc Monceau, next to its famous rotunda, for the long awaited reunion.  Unluckily, the woman has to run away as killers break in the scene, and it delays the Happy Ending. By coincidence, the  rotunda of the Parc Monceau is on my way to the dentist. So a few hours ago, as I was reluctantly walking there for a session of suffering, I crossed path with that couple in front of the rotunda. The movie immediately popped to my mind as I suddenly had the opportunity to create my Happy Ending version of the movie. Though perhaps, something in the eyes of the girl could let you think that the new story was not all that over. But I’ll leave it to your own inspiration.  (click on piture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/2000, ISO200

6 Responses to “On inspiration : Delayed Happy Ending”

  1. lauren dit :

    fantastic photo and story!

  2. simon dit :

    You never leave your Leica at home, do you? Not even when you go to the dentist? Maybe suggest to him some nice prints of yours for the walls of his office.
    Painless cheers!

  3. Fotolebrocq dit :

    You are a gifted photographer and story teller – are you in journalism?

  4. Valery dit :

    I loved the story and your happy (?) ending. We can look for endings for our stories in the street. The eyes of the girl are not so happy. Let me say: Your photo is a whole story



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  5. admin dit :

    Simon, never ever without my Leica ;) No gift for my dentist, he already takes too much money from me …
    Fotolebrocq, I am in marketing … I guess this is why I like to invent things ;)
    Valery, I would even say that she looks worried … maybe the bad guys were spying …
    and thanks Lauren !