How should a street photographer dress ?

Some of you asked me to post an autoportrait yesterday. So to make it more interesting than just a guy sitting in front of a camera, here is a series of autoportraits straight from my bath tube. I let you guess by looking at these the way I dress before I hit the street.  Answers given after the pictures…      (click on pictures to enlarge)






All taken with Leica M9, 50mm Summicron at F2, ISO800

Answer : Well, except for a a few details, 1, 3 and 5 are definitely outfits you could see me with in the street. While 2 and 4 would need quite a few bottles of wine before, but you never know. Morale of this post : it doesn’t matter how you dress as a street photographer, no need to look like a black ninja to hit the street. Stay cool, act normal and enjoy !

27 Responses to “How should a street photographer dress ?”

  1. freeshark dit :

    Just keep shooting and publish books,and I will buy one~

  2. Maarten B. dit :

    Hahahaha. I like number five. Hidding behind the shrub.

  3. I can see why you don’t stand out ;-)

  4. Daniel dit :

    Such a good sense of humour! I’m waiting for a Yanidel book too!

  5. Richard Nguyen dit :

    Great series, very funny!!
    Yes count me in for a potential customer for your book, I am a big fan!
    Looking forward for your travel photos in 2011 and beyond!

  6. Mère Martine dit :

    Cher Nick,
    Superbes ces dernières photos…
    Toujours aussi barge !
    Me réjouis de suivre ce tour du monde en images.
    Pour le moins j’aurai enfin des nouvelles chaque jour.

  7. I liked the first look, go with that!

  8. Bo dit :

    LOL…. oh shit, now I need to buy a shirt to copy you. :-)

    The shower handle – how appropriate. :-)

    Yes, one more for the first Yanidel book for sure.


  9. Dimitri dit :

    Hello Yanidel –

    Congrats with your million visits :-)
    On the 1st one, you looks like the french actor «  ». don’t you think so?

    Anyways, and (almost) as always (Oh my God I repeat myself, I coming old) very nice shoots.

    Have a nice day…

    – Dimitri

  10. Marcel dit :

    Cubsfan here loves the cap on image #3!

  11. Noiret dit :

    U are a poet in foto, and I like your job and fun !

  12. cam dit :

    phew! i spent yesterday looking through photos i had taken of you, only to realise they weren’t up to the quality of your blog… i think i used you a test-dummy to see how close i could shoot with my lenses, mostly in the dark… can you say shutter shake?

    i must say, though, that you are as handsome and silly, even when blurry ;)

  13. Lucy dit :

    Ha, your gorge!..
    Yep, looking forward to the book and exhibition of large prints! ! think that would be wonderful nothing beats a beautifully printed exhibition.

  14. Fatima dit :

    WoW.this is u and ur camera!

  15. Loulou dit :

    ou l’histoire du Photographe Photographié ? ;-)
    Nice to MEET you, hope I’ll get a chance to meet you in real life, either in Paris or… New Delhi
    Take care, and again WELL DONE!!!!!

  16. Sergio dit :

    Number five is a winner!

  17. Valery dit :

    Number one is for a date with a girl. Number two is good if you go to a stadium for a match of Los Pumas of Mexico (Do you like Barcelona Futbol Club Barcelona?). Number three is ok for a walk through Champs Elysees. Number four look must wait until next summer. Number five, hahahahaha, you are a spy !!

    Regards and Happy Halloween.


    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  18. admin dit :

    I am glad you all liked the series … ;)
    A book … probably in 2011 … a lot of work!

    @ Dimitri, I think I know which actor …
    @ Bo, after the fact I though I should have put the shower on for shot #4 …
    @ cam … test dummy … I don’t know how to take that …
    @ Marcel … I picked the cap based on the design … but Go Cubs !
    @ Loulou New Delhi sounds great, sometimes in second half 201&, hope you are still there (and your blog too !)
    @ Valery, I live in Mexico that is the reason for the shirt. Sorry to say that I also lived in Madrid … so guess what is my club …. ;)

  19. Tibor dit :

    great and hilarious portrait shots. The one with the bouquet is my favorite :-))

    Anyways, good luck in your trips for the future. Will miss your daily posts about Paris for sure, but I’m also sure on the other hand sure you will treat us equally with good pictures from elsewhere.



  20. Dan dit :

    Well done Yanick, I see that even for street photography in Paris a person needs to have chic .. a person cannot go out to the streets of Paris looking like he came out of bed :).

  21. simon dit :

    No wonder Parisian ladies can’t resist your smile + the posh Leica ;)
    You know it’ll be the same on your world tour.

  22. Dana A. dit :

    So, this is my favourite French photographer.
    this is fun!
    Keep up the good work, Sir! I’m so in love with it.
    Greeting from Romania.

  23. ixbé dit :

    Excellent :-)

  24. Aldo dit :

    Nice jersey on the second one, though I prefer Guadalajara’s Chivas ;)

  25. cindy dit :

    Excellent ton site cousin, tu as vraiment de magnifique photos, je t’envoie de gros bisous….

  26. kully dit :

    You shave in the street!?!