Stop for a minute

So cute and so smart, but if only she could stop talking for a minute.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F1.4, 1/1500, ISO200, ND filter

11 Responses to “Stop for a minute”

  1. Jerome dit :

    Very perspicacious remark, the hand gesture says it all :)

  2. lauren dit :

    This photo conveys exactly what’s going on! Love his cool boy stance.

  3. Love this one. That lens is magic, almost as much as the moment and the photographer.

  4. simon v dit :

    Why listen?
    PS You’re either very tall Yannik, or you’re standing on something shaky. The highness in the picture gives this impression.

  5. admin dit :

    Simon, I am indeed very tall, close to 2 meters, that is why you get that perspective (and I don’t have to climb on things …) ;)

  6. Martine dit :

    D’où te vient cette impression que les femmes ne cessent de parler?!

  7. lovely. Do you know why are there all the padlocks on the fence ?

  8. Daria dit :

    so beautiful! and it has a story. I love it

  9. ixbé dit :

    Excellente pdv, et bien lookés!

  10. Emma dit :

    Je l’aime cette photo! Et tous de votre blog, c’est trop fantastique, merci! : )