A dark rainy night

Bad weather is back, but even then, there is always something lyric about Paris.  (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with CV 35mm Nokton SC at F1.4, 1/90, ISO800

8 Responses to “A dark rainy night”

  1. Bo dit :

    Love the darkness in this image. great look to that nokton 35.


  2. Jerome dit :

    Interesting to see the CV 35/1.4 on digital, I use on film all the time

  3. Dan dit :

    Paris is beautiful in any weather.

    Yanick, tell me, what do you do for a living? I may want to change professions :)

  4. Anonyme dit :

    How do you deal with your M9 in wet weather? I’d be worried about moisture getting into the electronics.

  5. admin dit :

    @ Bo and Jerome, a friend staying at home for the weekend brought the Nokton along and I tested it for a day. It has a classic (nostalgic) look but after some testing next to the Lux Asph, it is really no match in term of resolution wide open. But that was to be expected because of price difference.

    @ Dan, since I resigned I am out of a job … unemployed ;)

    @ Anonyme. I take my M9 in light rain and protect it with my rain. A few droplets won’t hurt but I make sure that my finger is always on the trigger since I believe it is the most sensible part.

  6. Bo dit :

    Yanidel, yup, agree, the the Lux is a different lens, but I keep enjoying the nokton for that look, its much rougher and sometimes fits nicely.

  7. Astonishing how disciplined your photography fits in your everyday flow. For such a long time you shot and posted a photo to this Blog, just a wow thing! Thx for sharing.