Good bye Paris

After five wonderful years in the City of Lights, our last night in Paris has arrived. My state of mind is like this picture, some shadows on the Sacré Coeur but a bright horizon line full of adventures.

Indeed, two weeks from now, a new adventure will start: 80 weeks around the world. I will launch a new photoblog dedicated to this trip as street photography will be a big part of it. Meanwhile, and for a few months, I will keep posting Paris shots on this blog. I have always tried to post shots taken during the current week, but from now on I will have to turn to my archives. I hope you will not mind but be sure that the day I feel I have no more quality shots to show, it will end.

So stay tuned for the launch of 80 weeks around the soon. First stage of the trip will be a far away country whose capital is very reminiscient of Paris !   I’ll let you guess ;)   (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 90mm Tele-Elmarit at F8, 1/500, ISO200

41 Responses to “Good bye Paris”

  1. Hugo dit :

    I wish you good luck for your trip and I’ll be waiting for those shots around the world!


  2. lauren dit :

    Best of luck to you and your family on this new adventure! ( am guessing — Buenos Aires?)

  3. Loulou dit :

    Hey! When shall you come to India finally? Tell me… Hope I’ll be around in Delhi!!!!
    You’re most welcome to stay at my place!
    You know where I can be found right? ;-)
    Take care
    Enjoy upcoming adventures, looking forward to the new photoblog and your brilliant eye when traveling ;-)))

    See you
    Loulou from Delhi

  4. Nice pic. looks like your sensor needs a clean, as does mine. drop me a line when you drop in to LA, you have a bed here if you need it bro.

  5. Thomas dit :

    Bon voyage !!!

    Fais attention a toi ;)

  6. brabra dit :

    Bonne route pour tes voyages , si tu pars en avion vers l’ouest ou le sud-ouest de paris il y a des chances que soit le contrôleur qui guide ton avion

    très bonnes photos

  7. Daniel dit :

    I can’t wait to see your new adventure’s shoots! Good luck, enjoy a lot the 80 weeks and tell your M9 to take it easy, there’s a lot of photos to come for it’s sensor!

    I hope I see you in Madrid. If you need a bed here, let me know!

    ¡¡Buen viaje!!

  8. qlkowa dit :

    I like your pictures of Paris a lot! So your trip isn’t good news for me… But I hope you will show another awesome pictures.
    Have a good time and take as much pictures as you can!

  9. Zlatko dit :

    Best of luck on your trip! I look forward to seeing the photos!

  10. Anders Jeppsson dit :

    Thank you sooo much for your wonderful blog and fantastic photos of the one city in the world me and my wife loves more than anything and try and visit several times each year (we live in Sweden..) It’s even the reason we got married!

    You are one of the truly great street photographers of any day and I’ve learned so much from you already. It’s going to be a treat to follow you around the world, but at the same time look forward to and hope you will return home once again to the city if cities which is Paris!

    My best and thanks for all wonderful times so far!


  11. Teus dit :


    I just find out of your blog today.
    What a beautifull pictures. Can’t wait to see your pictures from your yourney.

  12. JTO555 dit :

    Have a great trip. 80 weeks travelling!!! I wish I was doing the same think, anyway I just want to say that I am going to miss my daily ‘fix’ of Paris through your eyes. But I am looking forward to sharing in your next 80 weeks or 560 (Phew) photos.


  13. Carsten / topfloor dit :

    Best wishes and safe travels for you and your better half! Fantastic idea to keep posting Paris pictures and to share your new impressions with us as well on the new blog. I look forward to the News & pics from your 80 weeks travels.

  14. Vladimir dit :

    Hello Yanidel,

    Thaks for all the wanderful images of Paris.
    Best wishes in your next endevour – 80 weeks of travel – enjoy.


  15. Axel Cordes dit :


    all the best! Sad to be without the Paris shots, but waiting what to come – – –
    For your and the ‘yours’ a great time! – Thanx for all – Ciao Axel

  16. Martine dit :

    I’m so sad that you live my « pied-à-terre » in Paris

  17. ixbé dit :

    Hâte de voyager au travers de ton objo!

  18. ET Suzy dit :

    80 Weeks? I cannot even plan ahead for next week.

    Travel safely and keep those camera batteries fresh!

  19. Edward Chan dit :

    Welcome to China!

  20. Jonas Yip dit :

    Guess I won’t be seeing you next time I’m in Paris! If your journey takes you through Los Angeles drop me a line. Good luck on your adventures…


  21. Hope your trip is all you want it to be. And that you stay healthy through it all.

  22. All the best for your trip! My guess is the next city will be Montreal!

  23. Tibor dit :

    All the best for your travels. Looking forward to pictures from your trip. It has been a real pleasure to view your Paris shots.

  24. Dimitri _c dit :

    Hello Yanidel –

    As many people, thank you so much for you nice pictures of Paris…
    I wish you good luck for the next level… Bring us nice shot ;-)

    – Dimitri

  25. Martine dit :

    Oh, sorry, you leave Paris but not you live ….

  26. pierre dit :

    Cher Yanick,

    je suis un admirateur de ton blog depuis pas mal de temps ; chaque fois, en rentrant d’une journée de boulot, la première chose que je fais est de m’y connecter. Quel bonheur de voir quelques lignes de poésie apaisante.
    J’ai même croisé ta jolie mercedes dans un coin des Tuileries ce week-end.

    Quant à ton voyage, je t’aurais bien proposé cette map, , reste à savoir si pour autant tu décolles depuis Londres…

    Continue à nous faire réver avec ton 1.4. Tu imprimes quelque chose de génial à chaque clic, et je t’en remercie.

    – Pierre

  27. admin dit :

    Thank you all for your encouragements and warm comments !
    Someone picked the right country … and she was very quick ;)

    I really wonder how my photography will look like outside of my confort zone, which is Paris. Thanks for sticking around, hope you won’t be deceived.

    Merci pour la carte Pierre , je n’y avais pas pensé ;)

  28. Don dit :

    When you come over to Shanghai, give me a call. Would be honored to show you around this lovely city.

    Cheers and best of luck!

    Safe travels,

  29. Jesper dit :

    Even though I’m some what sad that I can’t get my daily urban shower through your pictures any more, I’m so excited that you’re hitting the road. As an avid traveller and keen photographer myself, I’m really looking forward to se how your talent unfolds in other parts of the world.

    – Jesper

  30. Koi dit :

    Hi Yanick,

    Do drop me a line if/when you are in Perth, Western Australia.
    I’m looking forward to your traveling photos.
    All the best & take care!

  31. Fernando dit :

    I would like to wish good luck in this new adventure around the planet. I look forward to enjoying your photos and keep seeing the pictures of Paris from its files. I get a little jealous because he could not dedicate myself to an adventure so because of my activities. Merry Christmas and Bye.
    PS: I hope that the first country to be visited Brazil.

  32. lauren dit :

    Aah…I think I must be the « quick » one ! :) Well, only b/c I bounced around there for 2 mos last year. Definitely no Paris, but still lots of fun, and lots cheaper. I’m sad not to see street photo of Paris anymore from you, but look forward to all the new stuff!

  33. admin dit :

    Don & Koi, we are not quite sure on the final itinerary but he we go through your cities, we’ll definitely do. thanks.
    Fernando, Brazil is in the list, but not the first though we will be close ;)

  34. Jason (JTR) dit :

    Bon Voyage! I am a little sad and a lot envious!

    Can you post the monmartre image to flickr so I can fave it?

    Bon Chance!


  35. Loulou dit :

    What about… india???

  36. Mario dit :

    Good luck!! I’m sure you will live unforgettable weeks, and I wait to travel with you by your photos!!

  37. Dana A. dit :

    I know some people who wants to see you in Bucharest. :) Keep up the good work! Good luck!


  38. admin dit :

    @ Jason, shot is on Flickr as of now

    @ Loulou, India is definitely on the list, for about 45 days ;)

    @ Dana, Bucharest will have to wait, too close … but I definitely would love to visit at some point.

  39. Josh dit :

    Hi Yanick-

    Best of luck on your journey. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful time. If you wind up in Florida in the US – my place is yours.

    Take care,

  40. Fred Rio dit :

    Hi Yanick,

    long time, no speak!
    If you come this way, you have a roof!!

    Drop me a note to update me on what is happening.