Luck in street photography is dedicating a full month to street photography, which is an amazing initiative. I was invited to participate as guest writer with an article on the topic of « Luck in street photography ». Click here to discover it !


Leica M9 with 90mm Tele Elmarit at F2.8, 1/250, ISO1600

5 Responses to “Luck in street photography”

  1. Tibor dit :

    excellent juxtaposed layers in this picture. Well spotted and timed!

  2. lauren dit :

    Fantastic article, thanks. I’ll have to bookmark that. I think you said the same thing (just more articulate), but I agree even if luck plays an element, more than anything it takes a keen sense of observation, a sense of humor, an interest in the human condition and all of its absurdities, plus a dash of brains into the mix to process all that’s going on, in order to catch the moment.

  3. andri dit :

    you have great eyes.. seing these object in one moment

  4. cindy dit :

    Alors là je dis EXCELLENT, fantastique cette photo, tu as vraiment l’oeil pour la photo Parfaite..