A night on the Tower

Difficult to follow a conversation when one sits by the window of the second floor of the Eiffel Tower. (click on picture to enlarge)


Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/15, ISO1600

4 Responses to “A night on the Tower”

  1. Axel Cordes dit :

    That’s a great catch on the atmosphere, but the noise seams to by too strong. Is the M9 that bad on ISO 1600 or did you need to lift up the exposure?

    Ciao Axel

  2. admin dit :

    Hi Axel, yes I lifted the exposure up because I did not want to go below 1/15th. Still the M9 is ok at 1600, not great.

  3. Axel Cordes dit :

    Thank you! Yes – ISO performance will rise in the next years and will make us happy, but that means new cameras to buy… I’ll stay patient and skip the one or other generation.
    Ciao Axel